We provide custom-tailored mixing and mass-transfer solutions including turnkey equipment that use less energy, provide higher efficiency for the treatment of wastewater and biosolids. Example usages are:

  • replacing existing "diffused-aeration equipment" to bolster both process and energy efficiency
  • replacing submersible mixers used in anoxic / anaerobic reactors
  • replacing massive "top-entry gear-drive agitators" used in the treatment of mining tailings (cyanide detoxification with sulfur dioxide)
  • high purity oxygen injection solutions for boosting the capacity of existing aeration equipment during peak loads
  • intermitted ozone application for aerobic digestion of biosolids



We provide sustainable and energy efficient equipment/systems that are cost effective, state of the art yet also easy to install and simple to use, which reduce both CAPEX and OPEX.


Our mission is to develop : 

—  Ecologic

—  Economic

—  and Logical solutions

in short, Ekologix earth-friendly and sustainable solutions will ensure a better world for the next generations.

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