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The complex biological organism of a human being is intimately connected to and ultimately dependent on the environment through food, water, and air.  As population and pollution have increased, these vital resources have become seriously threatened by the effects of global climate change. To prevent a catastrophic impact on future generations, energy efficiency, renewable energy use, and sustainable technology development have become the absolute necessities of our times.  Mindful of these facts, Ekologix was established to develop earth-friendly solutions and sustainable technologies.

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  • Need more flexible resources due to competition
  • Need the most cost-effective solution for your requirements
  • Need advanced technology 

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Value proposition

For wastewater treatment plants interested in saving energy we developed a universal mixing and aeration apparatus reducing energy consumption by up to 50%. It is simple to install and easy to operate. Benefits include very low repair time in case of a major equipment failure.


For example, full-scale pilot demonstration efficiency of our technology when compared to a diffused aeration system used for the aerobic digestion of biosolids was 30% to 47% less energy consumption. Unit mixing energy utilization was 27 W/m3 for our equipment, in comparison to 70 W/m3 for the existing diffused aeration. 



Quality work and professional integrity are our points of pride and the solemn promise we make to our customers. We take responsibility for our product and solutions and uphold the highest professional codes and principles. We strive to innovate and look beyond the obvious, exceeding expectations by delivering high-quality technical services, which add value to our clients' business.



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