2017.01.01  -  MixAnox seeks a BNR plant (preferably in Ontario) for Anoxic MBBR mixing pilot

2016.11.18  -  MixAnox presents PIJAMA benefits to a panel of experts from MOECC & Verification partners

2016.11.01  -  Ministry of Environment shortlists PIJAMA for MOECC Innovative Technology Verification (ITV)pilot

2015.11.15  -  MixAnox completes the first commercial installation at Wuskwi Sipihk First Nations, Manitoba

2015.09.01  -  Ekologix subcontracts the equipment installation to MixAnox (subsidiary of Ekologix) 

2015.08.31  -  BCIP awards the first commercial sale contract to Ekologix

2014.06.20  -  Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) pre-qualifies Ekologix 

2014.05.08  -  Full-scale demo preliminary results by UWO at TWNER  (London, ON)

2014.04.11  -  Pitching competition at Fundica Roadshow Event  (Guelph, ON)

2014.04.08  -  A white paper presentation at WEAO Annual Conference (London, ON)

2014.04.07  -  Exhibiting at OPCEA Annual Exhibition (London, ON)

2014.03.06  -  Poster presentation at CWWA Annual Conference (Niagara-on-the-lake)

2014.02.12  -  Presentation to China Delegation at Innovation Guelph (Guelph, ON)

2013.12.04  -  Exhibiting at OCWA Technology Showcase (Toronto, ON)

2013.10.30  -  Establishing MixAnox as a new spin-off company, turn-key equipment supplier

2013.10.07  -  Ekologix Exhibiting at POLEKO 2013 (Poznan, Poland) Ontario's Cleantech mission to Poland

2013.03-15  -  Ontario Power Authority, OPA supports Ekologix with the Conservation Fund Grant


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